Hyperphonix is an electric jazz/funk ensemble located on planet Earth in the mid-coast Maine area. Leaving low-earth orbit at infinite amplitude.

With sounds drawn from the deep well of Fusions origins mixed with visions of a  utopian

sci-fi future, they create a unique blend that is both  nostalgic and familiar-yet alien and fresh. 

The bands influences are infinite, yet if hard pressed they say they range from Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy, to the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Herbie Hancock, Jaco and the Grateful Dead. They seamlessly blend and bend musical styles calling back to jazz's roots while plotting a trajectory towards tomorrow's harmonics.

ALAN BOYER, Mastermind and Keys

Alan is the primary composer and architect behind Hyperphonix. After being educated during his formative years at Satan's Sweatshop he went on to earn a degree in Laser-Like Psychic Ju-Jitsu and Aggressive Pan-Handeling but excelled in Freestyle Hitchiking.  Discovering a love of piano while hiding from police in the piano practice rooms of a local university, he quickly and quietly stole the piano and pushed it back to the railroad encampment he was residing in. This led to engagements playing ragtime at the finest brothels and bordellos in Mexico. After moving to Maine in 2012, he has quickly ingratiated himself in the local music scene as their number one public nuisance.


Jim grew up in Maine around music. His father was an accomplished bluegrass picker, and Jim began playing drums when he was 5. When his best friend gave him a bass guitar one day after school, no one could have forseen that the universe was about to change course. Jim studied Performance Arts at the University of Maine. His musical influences include some of the greats; Miles Davis, Jaco, Mingus, Monk, Jeff Beck, and Hendrix. Jim took a 15 year hiatus from playing music to become an acclaimed chef and stellar father. After a car accident in 2008, he picked up the bass again and found his way home as a founding

member and bassist of Hyperphonix.


Longtime musical compadre and founding member of Hyperphonix, Jason Dean is a formidable composer in his own right. Well known in the Mid-Coast for his multitudinous musical collaborations and fine jazz drumming. Jason is highly versed in many different genres, he plays and records with bands ranging from jazz to rock to electronic music, touring throughout New England, NYC, and Canada. He also teaches drum set privately.


The newest member of the band, Robin Lane is a classically trained cellist but an admitted jazz-head at heart. Over the past 5 years, he has branched out into many genres of music, including ambient, blues, funk, and jazz. Robin records, engineers, and produces his own music, along with the music of a growing number of local musicians, out of his home studio in Rockland Maine. He also serves as the Operations Manager for Midcoast Music Academy - supporting young musicians and encouraging music education in the local community.

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